Using JQuery DataTables in ASP.Net Core

Using JQuery DataTables in ASP.Net Core

This article will create an application that displays a list of users in an Html table Using JQuery DataTables in ASP.Net Core. We will also use Entity Frameworks in this project. We will create a table using the Entity Framework, insert sample data, and display it on our Datatables Grid. What is JQuery Datatable? Jquery … Read more

How to use an SVG file

How to Add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

These past few weeks, I was given a task to create a flat icon design menu. I came across with SVG file, and for a first-time user, it cost me an hour to search on How to Add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to Your Web Page. This article will save you the trouble and show … Read more

Add Git Ignore to existing Repository

Add Git Ignore to an existing Visual Studio Project

Most Development nowadays is already using GIT repositories. One of the common problems that may encounter using this method is when GIT tracks a not needed file. One of the ways to prevent this kind of situation from happening is to use the .gitignore file. This file contains all the files that are being ignored … Read more

HttpClient Request in C#

Call Web API using HTTPClient Request

In software development, data were passed through a different medium or application, and one of the best ways to handle it is to use Web Services and Apis. This is where we can make use of and utilizes the HttpClient request. This post will answer the question of how to Call Web API Using HttpClient. … Read more

Database Connection Strings

Database Connection strings

This post will show you an easy way to Get SQL Server Database Connection String. Before you proceed with the steps below, please make sure you have Visual Studio installed on your machine. If not, you can download the latest Visual Studio installer here. You might also want to check this article: Create Database using … Read more

WebClient Request in .Net Appliaction

Dealing with multiple platform application with a centralize data will require you to use Cloud Base Services. This is where Web API’s and Web Service come’s in. There are different kind of packages that will handle such request and one of it is the WebClient. Below is the common HTTP request that is most used … Read more