Part II. Create sample Asp.Net MVC Application

In this tutorial, we will create a sample MVC Application using Visual Studio and understand the basic building blocks of this .Net framework. Download the latest version of Visual Studio from What is MVC? Model View Controller (MVC) is a framework, a Programming architecture where you designed your code in 3 different modules. Model … Read more

How to Build a Simple Restful API in PHP

Restful Web Services

API in Programming Overview:           Application program interface (API) is a set of instructions, protocols, or implementation created to be accessible in a client-side application. It is also used for securely transmitting data when it comes to the database application. It Controls data flow and limits client-side applications to have full control of the main data. A … Read more

PYROCMS – CheatSheet

Pyro CMS Cheatsheet

I came across with PyroCMS project, and I find it really hard to search for basic composer commands. So I decided to compile the PyroCMS cheatsheet. This is not a complete guide, but hopefully, you can make it as your reference. PyroCMS CheatSheet – Laravel Development Platform As stated from the official website of PyroCMS … Read more

Install private package with composer

install private package with composer

Most of the PHP framework now a day uses private packages from repositories using a Composer. To install a private package with the composer, we need to set the additional configuration for our composer.json file. Then we need to generate an SSH key and register it to our existing Git Repository. Just follow the steps … Read more

How do I install Visual Studio offline?

The latest version of Visual Studio removed the availability to download an offline installer. Instead, they offer to download a layout of the installer if you have unreliable network environments or no internet at all. Basically, this method is to create a copy of the installer itself, selecting the specific tools you need. This article … Read more