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Facing a problem that you have been losing time and sleepover for days? This blog is a freecodespot for software developer that share free programming tutorials with a free downloadable source code. I might have already dealt with the same development issue and found a solution. Save yourself the trouble and search these blogs for answers.

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Where it started?

This site is a FreeCodeSpot for Software Developer. FreeCode Spot started with a quest to discover new programming languages and software frameworks. I started this site from the very start of my programming career. Since then I’ve been using this site to share new things I learned from my day job. Up until now, technology never seems to sleep. It grows day by day as if you never learn. So I decided to continue on what I have started and share my code to help others like me. If you happen to be on this site, please feel free to comment and suggest as I am open to any suggestions and most definitely willing to learn.

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Latest Posts

  • Cookie Authentication in ASP.NET Core
    In this tutorial, we will create a login web application using Cookie Authentication in ASP NET Core. We will also complete user registration and logout functionality and use dapper for the database connectivity. What is Cookie Authentication? Cookie authentication is one of … Read more
  • How to use Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC 5
    In this tutorial, we will learn how to use attribute routing in ASP NET MVC 5. We will create an actual project and then enable and apply attribute routing. This way, we can understand how attribute routing can help us control our … Read more
  • How to use AutoMapper in ASP.NET Core 6.0
    In this article, we are going to learn how to use AutoMapper in an ASP.NET Core application. We are going to begin by understanding what AutoMapper is and what problem it solves. Then, we are going to use AutoMapper in an ASP.NET Core web … Read more
  • Using Dapper in ASP.NET Core Web API
    In this article, we will be using Dapper in ASP NET Core Web API. I will create an ASP.NET Core WEB API, and we will be using SQL Stored procedure on this project. This tutorial will help us to understand how Dapper … Read more
  • Use JWT Bearer Authorization in Swagger OpenAPI
    In this tutorial, we will implement a CRUD functionality with JWT Authentication in ASP NET Core WEB API and use JWT Bearer Authorization in Swagger for testing. In the past, we’ve created an article that uses JWT Authentication in ASP.NET Core, which … Read more
  • Create a minimal web API with ASP.NET Core
    The traditional Asp.Net Core API is good for backend applications. However, if you want to develop microservices and cloud-native applications, that type of technique can be a little too much and hence the need for Minimal APIs. Minimal APIs are architected to … Read more

CodeBook Online

software development and programming frameworks
Codebook Online

The codeBook is my special project that comes up from having a hobby learning new frameworks and language. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form from this site if you have suggestions and recommendations.

The codeBook is designed to share codes, comments, and store private codes. User has the power to choose whether to show his/her snippet to a Co-User.