How to Install Free SSL certificate on your Website

In this tutorial, I will show you how to Install a Free SSL certificate on your Website and configure it in your shared hosting. I am using Hostinger for my hosting, and we are going to use SSL For Free.

1. On SSL For Free website enter your website url and press on create free ssl certificate.

2. Select Manual Verification.

3. Then click on Manual Verify Domain

4. Scroll down and find the Verification Files. Download the files,Files#1 and Files #2. Do not close the page.

5. Access your Cpanel File Manager and navigate to your root directory which is public_html.

6. Create a new folder named .well-known, and another one inside called acme-challenge. Upload both verification files to the acme-challenge folder. This is how my File Manager looks in my hosting.

7. Navigate back to your SSL for Free and download SSL Certificate to generate three sets of keys certificate, private key, and CA bundle.

8. From your hosting, in my case it’s Hostinger, Open SSL from advance option.

9. Paste the keys you have obtained from SSL for free to the appointed boxes, then click Install.

10. If the installation process is successful, the SSL details should appear in the List of Installed SSL section.

And that’s all. By this time, you have already Install a Free SSL certificate on your Website. Just don’t forget to renew your SSL certificate.

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