Query DataTable using LINQ

This tutorial will show you how to Query DataTable using LINQ in C#. LINQ is an acronym for Language Integrated Query, which is descriptive for its use and what it does. The Language Integrated part means that LINQ is part of programming language syntax. LINQ can be very useful for querying for different type of data sources. … Read more

How to get SQL Database Connection Strings

SQL Database Connection Strings

SQL Database Connection Strings are the backbone of smooth software development communication between applications and databases. This article explores its complex functions, syntax, and components, enabling developers to improve the security and efficiency of their interactions. Learn about SQL Database Connection Strings in a simplified and comprehensive way by spending a short time with us. In … Read more

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Authentication and Authorization with IdentityServer4 in .NET Core

Secure .net Core Web App using Identity Server 4

In this article we will be implementing authentication and authorization with IdentityServer4 in a .NET Core application. IdentityServer4 is a powerful, open-source framework for building secure identity solutions in .NET applications. It enables developers to implement authentication and authorization using industry-standard protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. To be able to understand how … Read more

Logging in ASP.NET Core web Application

Logging in ASP NET Core

Logging is essential for tracking errors, keeping track of performance, and diagnosing problems with our web application. Effective logging enables developers to quickly locate and fix issues, enhancing application performance and user experiences. Popular logging framework NLog offers logging in ASP.NET Core with a wealth of capabilities and flexibility. In this article, we will guide … Read more