Serilog in ASP.NET Core Web Application

Seq SInk

In this tutorial, we are going to use Serilog in ASP NET Core Web Application. In my previous article, we extend the functionality of the ASP.NET Core logging extension using Nlog. This time, we will use Serilog, which can also be added to your ASP.NET Core Application using NuGet Manager. What is Serilog? Serilog is a … Read more

How to enable IIS on Windows 10

Enable IIS on windows

What Is IIS? IIS is a Web Server software created by Microsoft, which is designed for hosting websites.  It can be used in a standard Html page and dynamic pages like PHP pages and ASP.NET applications. To dig deeper into IIS’s definition and history, you can refer to for full details. To enable IIS … Read more

JWT Authentication In ASP.NET Core

JWT Authentication In ASP.NET Core

JWT’s are one of the best ways to transmit information between the client and server securely. In this article, we are going to learn how to implement JWT Authentication In ASP NET Core. Using JWT’s, we can make sure that the request comes from a user that is authenticated. What is JWT? JWT stands for … Read more

Create a Stored Procedure in SQL Server

SQL Stored procedure

This article will guide you on how to create a Stored Procedure in SQL Server. The stored procedure is composed of Structured Query Language (SQL) found in a Relational Database Management System. Stored Procedure is used to store SQL queries that are mainly used to modify data from a Database. This is an alternative way … Read more

ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure

ASP NET MVC Folder Structure

In this article, we are going to define the ASP NET MVC folder Structure. ASP.NET MVC Web application is created with the MVC template pattern and folder structure is auto-generated when you create a new project using Visual studio. The folder structure of this framework has specified places where you can place your code classes. Model, … Read more

Convert an Image to Base64 String

Convert image to base64

Transmitting images through the network or API’s and Web service in programming is a little bit tricky. And the best way to do it is to convert images into a Base64 string. To put it simply, Base64 is an encoding schema used for interpreting binary data in a string format. This is beneficial when the storage … Read more