Get SQL Server Database Connection String

This post will show you an easy way to Get SQL Server Database Connection String. Before you proceed with the steps below, please make sure you have Visual Studio installed on your machine. If not, you can download the latest Visual Studio installer here.

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 SQL Server Database Connection String – To view Database Connection String using Visual Studio. Open your Visual Studio IDE and navigate to View-> SQL Server Object Explorer.

SQL Database Connection

Then navigate to SQL Server Explorer from the left pane of your development Environment.

SQL Database Connection
Server Object Explorer Location

Connect to your server using the button with plus sign located at the top of the Server Object Explorer.

SQL Database Connection
Connect to Server

From the dialog box select the server you want to connect. Then click connect.

SQL Database Connection
Choose Server

Navigate to your Database of which you want to view its connection string.

SQL Database Connection
Select Database

Click on your Database. Go to database properties found just below your solution explorer. Then find the database Connection String.


Copy connection string and paste it  to your application for your application where you need a database connectivity.

Thank you for reading. Happy coding!!

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