Create and Render Partial Views in ASP.NET MVC

This article will show you how to Create and Render Partial Views in ASP NET MVC. One of the best ways to implement a dynamic table without loading the whole page is using the Jquery in Ajax request. Asp.Net MVC offers Ajax helpers to achieve this functionality quickly. Partial View in Asp.Net MVC is one … Read more

TRIPLE DES encryption/decryption using php

TRIPLE DES encryption/decryption using php

Working with the back-end APIs would require you to apply additional security layers such as Data Encryption. This is to ensure a secured handshake to every client application that will consume it. One of the common problems is how you will translate encryption to a different language such as C# to Php. Today in this … Read more

Create Web Services in ASP.NET

This article will show you how you can create Web Services in ASP NET. Web service is a software used to exchange XML-based information that uses the internet to interact with any other application called its client. This software provides a modular method that could be used by multiple applications through the web. If you … Read more

Build Restful APIs with ASP.NET Web API

In this article, I will show you how we can build restful APIs with ASP NET Web API. In my previous blog, ASP.NET Web Application using MVC, I have created a simple project that explains how to create a Restful Web Services(WEB API) using the ASP.NET MVC template of Visual Studio. This time, I will … Read more

Restful Web Services Tutorial with ASP.NET MVC

Restful Web Services Tutorial

Restful Web Services Tutorial – From my previous article on how to create Web API in ASP.NET. We have created an API method that will return Hello + the name input by the user. Now in this article, let’s consume that API using a client application. Let’s start: – Restful Web Services Tutorial 1. Create a … Read more

How to start Web API Project in ASP NET MVC

How to start Web API Project in ASP NET MVC

In this simple tutorial, you will learn How to start Web API Project in ASP NET MVC. ASP.NET WEB API is a framework that allows you to build an HTTP service. This service can be accessed online using HTTP requests. API’s can include all possible methods that exposed data from a database. Like INSERT, SELECT, DELETE and UPDATE. And because … Read more

ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework:Code First Approach

Using JQuery DataTables in ASP.Net Core

ASP.NET MVC Entity framework code first approach allows you to create classes and use entity framework to generate your Table base on your design class. It has similarity with the model first approach, however it does not generate edmx file. To determine their differences visit this blog  Entity Framework Model first approach for the actual process on how the database is generated in … Read more

Model First Approach in Entity Framework using ASP NET

In this tutorial I am going show you how to perform a Model First Approach in Entity Framework using ASP NET project. This method creates a new model using entity framework designer and generate database schema from the model design. This is all found in EDMX(.edmx extension) file. To fully understand how this entity framework … Read more

Import Excel to Datagridview using C#

In this tutorial, I will show you how to import an excel file to a DataGridview using C#. We are going to be using Microsoft.Office.interop.Excel namespace in this project. There are many ways to read an excel file in C#, but this is the easy way I found for beginners like me. Just follow the steps below. … Read more